We are a defender of Made-in-China reputation, a promoter of the internationalization of Chinese standards, and a coordinator between Chinese industry and foreign regulatory authorities. 

       A defender of Made-in-China reputation

We strictly perform the regulatory functions that entrusted by the authorities, strictly supervise the quality of the products meant for exporting, provide convenience for the exportation of high-quality products, and prevent products of substandard or low quality stealthily exporting out from China. We always fulfill our obligations on maintaining the good image and good reputation of Made-in-China products.

  A promoter of the internationalization of Chinese standards

In China made but out China standards" has been a prominent dilemma faced by many China's manufacturing entities. Especially in pharmaceutical industry, most pharmaceutical products exported overseas have to be marked with USPBPEP labels in order to be accepted by the market. We are committed to promoting exchanges between the governments of China and African countries in the field of medicine, and promoting the recognition of Chinese national standards(GB), Chinese pharmacopoeia(CP) and other Chinese standards in African countries, so as to promote the internationalization of Chinese standards. 

  A coordinator between Chinese manufacturers and foreign administrative authorities

We are actively using our advantages of understanding China's current situation as well as the cultural background and government administration principles of some African countries to assist the two sides know each other deeper. We are helping in the exchanges and interactions between NAFDAC of Nigeria and Chinese manufacturers, the MCA of the Gambia and and Chinese entities and government departments. In the field of professional supervision, we have done much work to let foreign regulators and the Chinese government and enterprises enhance mutual understanding trust on each side